Visionary Art

All visionary art paintings listed below are one of a kind acrylic on canvas (unless noted otherwise). These paintings are inspired by visions stemming from heightened states of consciousness achieved in sacred Ayahuasca ceremony. Each painting is an original and no copies or prints are ever made. All visionary art is created by Jesus Garcia, a well known indigenous artists from Iquitos, a small town in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon jungle. These paintings have lots of healing energy within them and help bring that energy into a home or workplace.

For inquiries, please fill out the contact form below and include the number of the painting of which you wish to own. Payments will be excepted via PayPal or cash. I’m available for meet up in the Chicagoland area which we can arrange a time and location. If shipping is necessary¬†you will be responsible for the shipping cost(typically under $10). Shipping only to the United States and Canada.

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