What is Ayahausca?

What is Ayahuasca? A question in which the answer depends on who you ask!

When I was first introduced to Ayahuasca, she was explained to me as a sacred medicine that helps heal you on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. That resonated with me, as it would with most on a healing path, and led me to begin my journey with her.  The question of “what is Ayahuasca” has many different answers due to it depending who you ask. Even asking one Master shaman to another can conclude some differences.  Asking someone who has experienced a ceremony can have a biased to their experience just as asking a shaman can have a biased as to how he uses the master plant and his relationship with her.

To me, Ayahuasca is mysterious.  Mysterious in the way that she works with you. When I am guiding groups down to the Amazon, I always set the expectation to have no expectations. What someone else experienced can be the opposite of what you will experience. Even within yourself, you will never have the same two experiences. You see, what Aya does is open you up energetically. For some, this means helping you unblock and process blocked energies. For others, this can be taking you to the next level of exploring your inner multidimensional self. Aya, as this world is as well, is strongly guided by your intention. The energy and focus you bring into your ceremony are what she will guide you through. At times, we can go through 3-4 hours of work in a ceremony, wondering what in the world this has to do with our intention, and boom, she circles around revealing to you what you least expected. Some traumas, or “negative energies”, have layer after layer from the years of carrying them. This requires going through each layer and liberating yourself from the mental constructs that may have arisen from the experience(s).

Aya, without a doubt, helps you work through these physical, mental, emotions, and spiritual hardships. She is known to open up the gateways to explore this multidimensional YOUniverse inside of you. Ultimately, she connects you closer to your truth, helping you release the barriers that have been between you and your spirit. It is important to note that she does not necessarily do the work for you. She is not a magic pill. However, She shows you the truth of whats going on inside, leaving you with the awareness of what was present so you can then make adjustments in your everyday life. Many shamans will say 50% of the healing and awakening is done by Aya, however, the other 50% of how much farther you go…that’s dependent on you.

Said Simply, Aya helps with addiction, spiritual advancement, emotional healing, traumas, depression, and releasing of energies that are hindering us from moving forward in our day to day lives.  Jeff McNairy, a psychologist of 25 years, has said that a couple of nights with this sacred medicine is equivalent to 10-20 years with a professional counseling team.

It’s not uncommon to think that if you ingest Ayahuasca all of a sudden you will become some “super spiritual hippie” and quit your job and leave your significant other. Yet, this is not what she does. Unless you are meant to be a yogi, you won’t just come out of ceremony thinking you are a yogi. Unless your in a toxic relationship that you are having a hard time letting go of, she won’t make you want to leave your significant other. Sometimes business owners think all of a sudden they aren’t going to want to make money or own a business. Unless your path is the opposite of what you are doing, which will then make you happier anyway, then leaving your business or money isn’t going to be the outcome. Moreover, she may give you more meaning for your business. More clarity on your finances and focuses. And more life in your everyday moments. For those in hard relationships, she may help unveil the unconscious patterns that may be causing discomfort in your relationships with loved ones, family, as well as ourselves.

My studies and practices follow the Shipibo-Conibo tradition. My Maestros both come from family lineage whos practice is passed on as early as age 10-12. This isn’t just a practice to Shipibos’, it is a way of life for them. They are known as the master of the medicine carrying on the ancient traditions for thousands of years. Their ceremonial language was one taught to them by the plants themselves. It is a very vibrational language that is said to be a channeling of the energetic healing a patient may need into sound and vibration. The plants only teach shamans who are willing to go through strict distinct means to learn. Through fasting, isolation, and strict diet they connect with different “master plant” spirits who then teach them in various forms. These teachings can come in form of dreams, during ceremony, or through communication of plants or animals in their waking life.

The reason Ayahuasca is such a powerful medicine is due to it being a purgative. During ceremony, you may release energies(not always but definitely not uncommon) through vomiting, going to the bathroom, feeling very hot or very cold, sweating, crying, or even yawning. This is why the medicine is so powerful due to the energetic release that occurs in ceremony. When you are not only physically but energetically releasing these mental/emotional wounds or traumas, you are breaking the barriers of the mind that keep you in the habitual patterns of those energies. This is why the medicine is so powerful. Your energy is then sealed and protected against reentry of these energies with the use of singing, Sacred tobacco, and “Aqua Florida”.

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