*The Retreat Experience*

The Retreat Experience

An Ayahuasca retreat can be an intense, heartfelt experience. While organizing my retreats, I set an intention to have a great deal of focus on not only facilitating while we are in the jungle, but on pre and post preparation and integration. To me, prep and integration are equally if not more important than being in the jungle. The preparation you do has a significant part in working with Ayahuasca. Working with plant medicine can be a profound life-changing experience and being able to integrate your new energy, higher consciousness/awareness, and overall healing can be crucial to the overall process. We have many beliefs systems that keep us in our way of life and create a barrier in our lifelong journey of healing. When medicine helps create a breakthrough for you in the jungle, going back to the same society, and at times to the same people and environment, can be intense with your new perspective. Knowing how to process and plan for your integration is pivotal in bringing your healing into your everyday life.


Preparation for an Ayahuasca retreat is highly important. I include preparation beyond just telling you what foods to eat. One to two months prior, I send out an email with food diet instructions, herbs to avoid,  medication(prescription and over the counter) to avoid, as well as different practices that help prepare you vibrationally for the pilgrimage.

The practices will Include but are not limited to:

  • Meditation
  • Healing work recommendations
  • Calling in Aya’s spirit
  • Guidance on intention
  • Movement guidance
  • Group meeting for those who can attend(typically a month prior)

I will also be available for private 1 on 1 meeting (via phone, Skype, or in person if possible) to help answer any and all questions for your upcoming journey. I believe having as much clarity as possible will facilitate setting heartfelt intentions!

Prior, you will also be provided a detailed email on what to bring. I know traveling to another country can bring up questions about necessities, especially going to the middle of the jungle. I’ve created a list with specific needs, as well as optional.

During the Retreat

During our stay in the jungle, I will be facilitating and holding space as well as leading ceremony with Shipibo Maestra Doña Wilma. Depending on the size of the group I will have another Space holder as well as there will be Shipibo facilitators as well. I am fluent in Spanish and English and will be doing translating for those who need it to both Maestra Wilma and the facilitators.

You may expect:

  • Daily meditation/Sharing circles
  • Consultation with Maestra Doña Wilma Regarding personal ceremony insights
  • Personal shamanic flower bath 
  • Inspired self-creation workshop  
  • Other workshops(Ex. working with mental energy, visualization practices and explanations, Organic workshops depending on groups energy)
  • Guidance and private 1 on 1 space facilitated in whichever way it is needed.

I am here not only to run ceremony but also to ensure the smoothest transition for you throughout your healing experience. This may involve private integration sessions, to guidance on letting go.


This is a vital time to take all that you have healed and come to realize and now take the action steps to integrate it into your life. Coming back from a life-changing retreat can, for some, be hard especially when going back to an environment that isn’t supportive of your change. Integration begins right away. The moment we are back in town from the jungle we will begin conversing on methods and practices of making your integration as smooth as possible. For some it may be well paved, for others it may be more difficult.

Once we are back from Peru, I will have a scheduled call with you after two days, one week, and one month. For those that need more guidance, an in-person meeting may be arranged as well. My mission isn’t just to have you do deep work in the jungle, I wish for everyone to bring their vision to fruition with the proper actions after their healing. It can be difficult at times especially if you have no one to speak to about your experience! I also like to invite the group to have a post-trip group gathering to open the door to share how their processing has been, as well as share beautiful stories or actions that have helped them. It’s always nice to hear back from the persons who were by your side doing the sacred work as well. This is optional and unique to every group.



If you have farther questions please contact me!


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