Becoming Your Own Alchemist

As I was guiding one of my coaching clients, we came across the topic of how you are the creator of your life situations, both “good” and “bad”. Once we progressed past the initial resistance, we began to discuss the topic at hand. When you begin to take ownership of all your life creations, you can then begin to call back your power. Whether you find yourself in a difficult situation or a pleasant one, by the law of attraction, you were the creator/co-creator who sent out an energetic invitation to put yourself exactly where you are. If you consciously/subconsciously are playing the “victim archetype”, you are disempowering yourself. Dis-empowerment in yourself sends subconscious signals that you cannot change the situation you are in and ultimately are a powerless victim. In this space, you cannot change anything as the power is outside of you.

When you become consciously aware of this and thus alter this pattern, you may begin to reclaim your power. You must first accept that you, to some extent, created this situation. When you can accept that, you can then make the conscious decision to respond to the situation in an act of changing it to your more favorable outcome. This is where you begin to empower yourself. By accepting this creation, you acknowledge that you had the power to create this and now you have the power to create something else. This is a powerful(no pun intended :] ) shift in your awareness and can have a higher likely hood of the desired outcome you wish to have given your circumstances.

What does this have to do with being an alchemist? The scenario we were discussing had included a friend who wasn’t necessarily a “positive Patty”. A repugnant situation had occured between the two that had left my client, who I will refer to as Beth moving forward,  in an irritable emotional state. Beth and I began to discuss how it would be in her best interest to become a more conscious creator of her own life. That moment she realized how she created the situation. Knowing that this friend was what some call a “negative Nancy”, she could have spent the time she gave to her doing other things that would have brought her mood up.

It helps if you look at yourself as let’s say a meal (who doesn’t like food haha). When you are creating your meal, a.k.a your life, I would hope you would want only the best ingredients. Now these ‘ingredients” are the different situation/moments you will spend time having. The ingredients can be people, places, things, etc. Basically, what expereinces do you wish to have that when said and done make up your life. Let’s drop the food example and replace it with Beth’s universe. Every single person is a unique universe and brings a different type of energy. When you consciously are working to change your life in a positive way, it would be best to invite people and experiences that would support and feed that vision. You are the “cook”, the creator, and you choose what shall be in your life/recipe.

For those that say they have a negative person they HAVE to deal with, it is best to either limit the time with this person and/or also change your perception on how you look at it. If you can not change the situation, rather then being upset and allowing that emotion to carry onto other parts of your life, you can be in acceptance of the situation. When you accept a situation for what it is, you are no longer identifying with it but simply acknowledging that this is a moment that will pass and you can give yourself the power to maintain the emotional state you were in prior to having to go through the experience.

Back to being the cook :). When you start deciding who it is you wish to spend time with and what it is you wish to do, you simply begin to create your life. As simple as it sounds many have yet to realize/execute this. You are the alchemist, the creator, and you can begin to create any situation you wish. If you don’t have positive inspiring people to spend time with, create an avenue where you can meet some beautiful beings. Began to filter out habits, people, and things that are serving you no growth (or no delicious food). Replace that with people and activities that spark your creativity and positive emotions.

You don’t have to be a victim. There are literally millions of amazing people and experiences you have yet to discover and it all starts with making an intention to do so. From there magic begins to happen ;).

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