Who am I- A little thread about me… 

My background and focus for the past several years have been finding ways to connect deeply within myself. After I was given the news of my health not being in my favor back in the beginning of 2015, that very moment began my quest for aligning with myself and finding out what this world really is about, and most importantly, why I am here 

Over the years, I have made drastic changes in my diet, practices, and the overall perspective I have on this planet. I began a serious meditation practice, was attuned to and began to practice Reiki up to a Master level, and started to really ground and center within myself. It sounds very simple just typing it, but it was and has been quite the journey as healing tends to be.  

In 2017 I found myself traveling across the America’s into the Peruvian Amazon jungle where I was attending my first Ayahuasca Retreat. There, it was revealed to me, now with certainty,  that Medicine was the path that I had chosen this lifetime. After attending a 3-week retreat and discovering who my Maestra would be, I found myself going back a month later (completely unplanned prior to this trip) for an intensive 2-month initiation into the plant spirit realm. I was ordained a Curandero by the Shipibo-Conibo indigenous tribe and began to work with plant medicines. 

What I do- My Passion 

Currently, I work as a Guide creating and facilitating retreats. I also hold an array of workshops from my teachings. What is a Shaman…? To me Shamanism is more than just a practice, it’s a way of life. One must receive a calling to partake in this line of ancient healing and shared wisdom. It is more than just a matter of holding a ceremony, but moreover, a practice that influences your everyday life. Working in conjunction with nature and the spirit realm to help those in search of healing, in search of more than what this modern world seems to have us perceive.  

I hold and teach various meditation circles conjoining knowledge from various sources such as Buddhism, the Taoist, and of course the indigenous people of the Amazon jungle. 

My passion is to align to be the best version of myself. To practice that which I teach and show those who are in search of the same that there is more. There is more to this life than we have been shown and the gateway to that realm has been inside of us all along. Having a foot in both worlds has allowed me to center deeper and deeper within myself, bringing together the two, and allowing the alchemist in me to to do his work. To me, it is important to be grounded in this physical realm as much as it to have a connection and practice with your spiritual side. This view has allowed me to maintain a healthy lifestyle with fitness and movement, as well as have an effective spiritual practice and exploring stillness.  

My vision is to continue to connect these two realms and show others how to create and maintain that balance.