21-Day Detox

This 21 day detox is for those who are ready to embark ina deeper healing journey withing themselves. It is for the experienced initiate who has been doing work on themselves and is ready to take it to the next level. 

In this program, we will be looking at expanding in every known dimension of our being; mind, body, and spirit.  We will be inviting the evolution of ourselves from a holistic viewpoint versus the traditional singularity viewpoint ie: only spiritual(spiritual practices), only mental/emotional(meditation), only phsyical(physical fitness well-being).


  • Guided meditations
  • 1 on 1 coaching(video/phone)
  • Potent detox herbal blends
  • Superfood Revitalization
  • Mind-body movement meditation workouts(no equipment needed)
  • Over Energy Enhancement
  • Spirit Tuner


I will be guiding you through the same journey that has drastically changed my life. All the research, all the self-experimentation, all the wisdom I have gathered to get to where I am now. I have put this together into an intermediate level program and paved the way for those looking for a path of more energetic freedom within themselves.  

Is this for me?

Probably not. If it is your first time looking to do a deeper cleanse this can be a little too intense for you physically and mentally. These herbal mixes are powerful and can cause some serious detox symptoms for those whos body is not prepared for it. 

If you are looking for an entry-level 7 day detox I will be providing one in the near future. To be put on the email list for this opportunity please fill out this contact form. Click Here


Start date will be at the beginning of May. Only 11 approved spots will be accepted for this profound transformation. 

Fill out the form below and upon review, if you are chosen, you will receive a call/email. 

Thank you!

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